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What We Do


We help tomorrow’s successful corporations build a culture of socially conscious and strategy-driven decision-making processes.


We help a diverse client base overcome limitations to success through personal and professional coaching and academic tutoring.

Academic Research

With a pluralistic mindset and multidisciplinary team, we offer objective academic research services to corporations and academia.



Change Management & Ethics

Our consulting services include:

  • Change Management and Ethics Consulting
  • Corporate Social Responsibility: Creating a culture of good governance through social and ecological sustainability
  • Compliance: anti-corruption, anti-money laundering/ countering terrorism financing (AML/CTF), international economic sanctions, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)


Change Motivation & Empowerment

We offer individual coaching services aimed at helping people through professional development, language learning, balancing professional and personal life, and coping with addiction, personality, and interpersonal issues.



Change Multidisciplinary Education

From economic and legal research to organizational psychology and international relations, we offer comprehensive research products including data collection and analysis, research protocol design, and academic writing.

How We Do It

Change always starts with the self. Change starts with “ME.”  

We approach organizational evolution through personal growth. 

This is why we operate at the crossroads of consulting and coaching.

With a decade of experience in change management, compliance, and corporate social responsibility, ChangeME founder Vedran Aladrovic brings contagious enthusiasm to internal development.



Authentic and sustainable change starts with enthusiastic employees willing to drive reform and embody values of social responsibility. For change to be impactful, an organization’s members should identify themselves with progress, whether through standards, guidelines, or procedures. Reform is not punishment—it is an opportunity for a higher quality work life, sensible coordination, and efficient productivity.

What makes a reform successful? Trial and error. Consideration of social, cultural, and ethical issues. Diversity. Transparency. Most importantly: changemakers must be persistent and motivated.

Failure is stigmatized and tabooed across many cultures—it may be seen as a sign of weakness rather than one of audacity, adaptiveness, and experience-building.

French society demands a revolution but resists adaptation. ChangeME succeeds in this environment because we focus on the individual experience and the human dimension of transformation.

ChangeME is visionary. ChangeME is audacious. ChangeME is inclusive.



I want to make the most change-resistant people achieve resilient change. My decade of private and public sector work has led me to understand the drivers and obstacles to organizational progress. I truly learned how important personal engagement is for achieving reform during my time as Deputy General Counsel for Compliance and Change Management at the International Chamber of Commerce.

As a child, I learned to cope with family instability, serious illness, economic hardship, and war. Emigrating from Croatia to Germany gave me the opportunity to expand my cultural identity. Multiplicity allows me to have a wider perspective on personal and institutional issues—I followed a multilingual and multidisciplinary education in German, French, and English, pursued a joint Masters in Global Business, Law and Governance at Sciences Po Paris and Columbia University in the City of New York. More recently, I expanded my toolkit through executive education in positive psychology at the University of Pennsylvania and business administration at Harvard Business School.

While my work is international, my deep love and compassion for France’s heritage of revolutionarity make Paris a perfect home-base. I am fascinated by French society’s paradoxical demand for and utter resistance to reform.

Change starts with “ME.” My independent consulting and coaching practice addresses all facets of sustainable organizational and personal change: strong Morals and Ethics, infinite Motivation & Empowerment, Mindfulness & Emotional Intelligence and the use of Multidisciplinary Education in a constructive and positive way… to name a few.

What We Did

With international experience in change management, CSR and compliance, ChangeME has accompanied clients in missions as diverse as risk management, strategic foresight, audit and the conceptualization and implementation of compliance processes and procedures.

In the area of professional and personal development coaching, ChangeME has accompanied over 100 private clients on topics related to career coaching and personal topics.

Furthermore, the founder of ChangeME launched the pro-bono project Amour Constitutionnel.




  • Advisory to the senior management of an international dispute resolution services provider and conduct of an internal audit related to international economic sanctions (EU, OFAC and UN sanctions)
  • Audit of the International Finance Corporation’s environmental and social risk management policies and procedures for its financial intermediaries lending and investment activities
  • Advisory to the World Bank Group’s Legal Department during the review of its administrative sanctions system
  • Executive coaching, training and business seminars on various management and CSR topics for different workshops and startups
  • Awareness-raising activities for public health services in developing and emerging markets through a health mobile application


  • Coached over 100 private clients on matters as diverse as :
    • Career coaching : job interviews, salary negotiations, job search, professional reorientation, networking, French Grande Ecole and American University entry exams, language coaching (English, French, Spanish, German, Croatian), work-life balance, unethical behavior, burnout, sexual harassment in the office…
    • Lifestyle : addictions and disorders related to drugs, sex, food, physical exercise, smoking, alcohol, work, social media, relationships, including toxic and narcissistic relationships, divorce, masochism, borderline personality disorder…


  • Economic and legal cross-country analysis of shareholder and creditor rights
  • Economic and legal analysis of tax havens in the context of global governance


Amour Constitutionnel is an artistic pro bono project – a creative coaching concept that combines the topic of personal development with the social sciences (politics, economics, law, sociology and psychology).

Amour Constitutionnel is a place of engagement in the midst of short films, music, literature, exercises and academia.

Inspired by North American liberal arts colleges, the foundations of Positive Psychology and the concept of the social and solidarity economy (SSE), Amour Constitutionnel has the ambition to guide people towards a better understanding of themselves, their relationships and employment opportunities in a world that is definitely not the one that our parents have known.

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